Did you know there’s a full-blown police state in northern Alberta?

Imagine living in a futuristic prison camp: electronic steel turnstiles and security gates control access, barbed-wire fencing surrounds the compound, security guards patrol the halls, and video surveillance cameras monitor your every move. Where everyone has been forced to sign a paper giving up their rights, and guards with drug dogs burst into your room without knocking to perform random searches. Where guards and camp employees can have you fired for almost any reason; you can’t have a girl in your room or have a beer after work, and you live with no expectation of privacy or freedom. Where every aspect of your life is completely controlled, and even the basic laws of the land don’t seem to apply to you. Such is everyday life in the work camps of northern Alberta.

As described in the nonfiction ebook Spark Watch, an estimated sixty thousand people live in such camps as a condition of employment. Many spend most of their lives there, sending wages to family at home.

NorthernAlbertaPoliceState.ca. Spread it on the social networks. Write it on the washcar walls. Show them that, outside the barbed-wire fences, this country is still a democracy.