Suncor’s Millennium Lodge labor camp:


Theresienstadt, a Nazi concentration camp. Looks almost picturesque by comparison, doesn’t it?



 Wapasu holds 8000 people:kearl31kearl11kearl51 kearl21IMG_20120819_1847441(A convoy of trucks from the canine unit in front of a security trailer. Not shown: barbed wire fences, drug-sniffing dogs, and a small army of security guards.)


Shell’s “Albian Village”:albian_rightalbian-middlealbian-left(Above: a Communist paradise.)



(A contributor writes: “Cameras are everywhere. Security roams the halls of the dorms continuously. Fences encircle the camps and are also everywhere on site. Obviously, we can’t be trusted.”) is looking for photos!

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NOTE: Taking pictures will get you instantly fired/banned, because the tarsands companies are trying to keep this a secret. So to those brave enough to send pics – thanks!